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The family enterprise of GRANIT-GRZECHAC dates back to 1957, when its founder - Henry Grzechac - began his endaevour, using the simplest tools and materials, in a village of Ciasna, Poland. As years passed, the number of employees, scale of production and its diversity, grew steadily. Invetiveness and resourcefullness of the founder has led to the construction of a machine that enabled us, as the first company in Poland (maybe even in Europe), to manufacture granite spheres. Since 1986 we regurarly visit trade shows and fairs, both national and international. In 80's we started exporting our spheres and fountains abroad. Nowadays we can boast having customers in countries like Denmark, France, Sweden, United Kingdom or Qatar.

The son of the founder, and the current owner of the company - Krystian Grzechac - has been involved with stone working since his youngest years. He worked in the company even before achieving his master craftsman title in 1984.

In 2007, as the first company in Poland we have acquired a custom-made rope stone cutting machine. Our biggest asset are experienced craftsmen and the owner, that can handle even the most difficult challenges. Connection of modern technology and years of practice enables us to accomplish even the most complicated and advanced projects. Over 55 years of experience is supported by an extensive archive of works.

Years of consistent company development policy has led to become the industry leader on the Polish stone market. Over half century of experience in stone working enable us to accomplish even the most demanding projects. We strive to satisfy market demand not only within Poland but also abroad, through supplying custom-made products, made with adherence strictest stone working standards and individual wishes of the investor

We offer products made from granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and others. with various possible finishing of surfaces and edges. Besides manufacturing we also offer project consulting, especially in the areas of material choice, design, instalation and renovation. For years we have collaborated with other companies, both Polish and foreign.

Due to our longlasting traditions, customer satisfaction is always a top priority for us. We guarantee the highest level of our service, as well as its comprehensiveness. We are always at Your disposal, offering help and advice on every stage of the project.

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